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book-basic-principlesBasic Principles of Real Estate

by David C. Rodenbough, 12th edition, 344 pages. Cost: $40.00 For many, the purchase of real estate is the largest financial transaction and investment of a lifetime. Whether you desire a career in real estate or wish to buy, sell or invest in real estate, Basic Principles of Real Estate is your road map to success. This useful textbook contains practical information about loans, contracts and the ownership of real estate. In addition, there are three sections dedicated specifically to Pennsylvania real estate and licensing law.  




The 16 Day Real Estate Math Book

by David C. Rodenbough, 10th edition, 59 pages. Cost: $20.00 Real estate professionals and successful investors use mathematic formulas daily in the practice of real estate. The 16 Day Real Estate Math Book helps candidates, who wish to obtain a real estate license, solve the math problems necessary to pass the real estate examination. It is a valuable classroom textbook, as well as a self-teaching book for home use providing problems, answers and solutions. Topics include Commissions, Interest, Appreciation and Profit, Depreciation and Loss, Investment Return and a review of math skills.  




The Pennsylvania Real Estate Exam Preparation Manual

by David C. Rodenbough, 11th edition,  409 pages. Cost: $45.00 This valuable study guide provides salesperson and broker candidates with a step-by-step process for preparing to take the Pennsylvania real estate examination. By following the described 10-Day Study Plan, users will significantly increase their readiness for the exam. This manual is comprised of over 300 examination questions along with answers, including detailed explanations, which will provide substantial information and test your knowledge before you take the state exam.  




How To Begin a Career as a Real Estate Agent and Become Successful

by David C. Rodenbough, 2nd edition, 59 pages. Cost: $10.00 Schlicher-Kratz Institute instructor and textbook author Dave Rodenbough has created a way to help you begin a successful real estate career. He has interviewed some of the outstanding, top-producing real estate agents in the local area to capture their secrets and insights as to what it really takes to begin a real estate career and become successful. One of the agents interviewed is the #1 Real Estate Agent in the United States in dollar volume for the last 25 consecutive years, according to the National Association of Realtors. Another agent interviewed is in the top 1% in the nation in listing and sales. Based on these interviews, Dave has published this book of advice and practical tips. This inexpensive pocketbook is available now.